Travel to give treat to your taste buds; Southeast Asian cuisines in Indonesia

“If you love food, then you must travel to Indonesia once in your lifetime”, one of my Indonesian friends said this to me a few years ago. Since then, I was hoping to treat my taste buds with Southeast Asian cuisines. Visiting new places and tasting local foods is, to me, out of the world experience. So there I was, in Jakarta, Indonesia, to taste the best Indonesian cuisines.
Jakarta, naturally, was the first city to land. It’s the capital and the largest city in Indonesia. Betawi is the local cuisine of Jakarta. And in next five day, I was about to explore all of Betawi flavors and other Indonesian dishes.

Soto Betawi

Soto_BetawiI was looking for a restaurant where I could try Soto Betawi dish, which was recommended by every friend of mine who visited Jakarta.

Soto Betawi is a curry-like soup. Due to its use of coconut milk, it has a more curry-like flavor. I must say Soto Betawi is an exceptional taste, even if you don’t like curry or soup type of cuisines. I find this dish very aromatic and delicious, although some of you might find it spicy.

Beef Radang

That evening, I spent trying different Indonesian foods in the buffet at famous restaurant Satoo. Closer to Shangri-La Hotel, it was a nice restaurant with a variety of foods. One cannot be hungry at this type of restaurants as they offer almost everything; Chinese, Japanese, Indian, International, Sushi, Asian, Indonesian, Halal, you name it. What I like the most there and ate (till my throat choked J ) was Beef Radang. This dish is originated from Padang, Smatra (another city of Indonesia; Indonesia has 17,000 islands in total).

Padang is famous for its spicy foods and richness in flavor. You gotta try Beef Rendang once in your lifetime. It is somewhat similar to Beef Curry but without the broth. It takes hours to cook it to make the beef that tender. Try this Padang goodness and your taste buds will thank you for years to come!

Fried Rice/ Nasi Goreng

If you visited Indonesia and have not tried Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng), I have no words to curse you then. Its reputation has taken the world by storm. Had you tried this? Don’t you agree? This dish can be mixed with any other dish without even thinking, and it will make a new taste. Mix it with veggies, beef, chicken, seafood, or any other dish you can think of.

Indonesian Fried Rice tastes different because they use keycap, a sweet, thick soy sauce. Then it is garnished with cucumber, carrots, acar, and pickled. Nasi Goreng is considered Indonesia’s national dish.

Many Other dishes

In short, I stayed there for five days, and I could not repeat the same dish again. Tens (if not hundreds) of different dishes of Indonesian cuisines were still left untouched. But I could manage to try Nasi Rawon (beef stew from Java), Sop Buntut (Oxtail Soup), Siomay (steamed fish dumplings) and Indomie (Indonesian Instant Noodles). Now, I am back and say this to everyone, “If you love food, then you must travel to Indonesia once in your lifetime”

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Top perks of travelling to Indonesia

Indonesia is a majorly developed tourist destination, urbanized just enough to house modern amenities and refurbished accommodations for the pleasure of its locals and tourists alike. Holding more than 17,000 islands, this fourth most populous place of the world is amazing in its own right. Whenever people think Indonesia, the thing that automatically pops in their mind is Bali. Apart from panoramic locales, there are some unique cuisines in Bali that hold worldwide recognition. A travel to Indonesia can be fulfilling for more reasons than one. We proceed to discuss some of them:

  • Komodo National Park: Indonesia houses the Komodo National Park, whose main attraction is as the name suggests, the giant reptile, komodo dragon. These fierce and awe-inspiring creatures are the ultimate tourist attraction for thrill-seekers and wildlife photographers. The humongous creatures can be often found gracing Indonesian islands in the wild. With a reputation of loving human flesh and the thrill of witnessing this Dinosaur-like creature up-close, komodo dragons are one of the few reasons to visit Indonesia


  • Snorkeling through sparkling blue waters: Indonesian beaches are sandy white, pristine and behold a spectacular view of the glittery waters. Snorkeling and scuba diving through these waters to explore the coral reefs are enjoyable activities and can be performed by beginners too. The islands are dotted with numerous gear rental stores. The shipwrecks present ashore make for fun-filled dives. Indonesia is thus the ideal place for water-lovers and adventure freaks.
  • Umpteen cuisines: In Indonesia, you can be sure to savor a different dish each day. Popular local dishes like satay, nasi goreng and gudeg contain spices, sauces, banana, lamb meat and rice as their main ingredients. Indonesian coffee is rich in flavour and aroma and known to possess anti-cancer properties. One particular type is the Kopi Luwak, made from faeces of Luwak or civet cat. Indonesia is famous for its banana desserts, one of them being, pisang goreng, that is nothing but deep-friend banana drizzled with raspberry or chocolate sauce.
  • Borobudur Buddhist temple: The largest and most famous Buddhist temple of the world Borobudur is present in Indonesia. It houses more than 500 Buddha statues along with gold relief panels that look absolutely amazing in a moonlight night or early morning. The chanting of bells coupled to sultry intonations make the entire environment blissful and apt for mediation.
  • Mount Bromo & Volcanoes: Indonesia contains many areas of active volcanoes. Located in the ‘Pacific rim of Fire’, the sunsets are gorgeous to watch, with the best one being seen from the Mount Penanjakan facing the majestic Mt Bromo Volcano. There are plenty opportunities of horse-riding and hiking in these areas.
  • Beaches: With numerous islands, Indonesia has amazing beaches to enjoy. You can indulge in water sports like surfing, parasailing, banana boat riding or simply roll in the white sands in leisure for a rosy tan. Places like Kuta beach, Bali as well as pink beach and the Komodo islands house popular night clubs and bars.

Indonesia and Bali also host modern spa centers that allow you to revel in aromatherapy, acupuncture and rejuvenate your stressed body. With umpteen opportunities for fun and frolic, adventure, sightseeing along with the unique cuisines in Bali, Indonesia surely seems like the perfect tourist destination. A travel to Indonesia is a fun-filled venture, meant for individuals of all age and social backgrounds.

Read more about the Borobudur Buddhist temple:

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Tree Removal: Cutting From Top to Bottom

There are a dozen different reasons why trees need to be cut down. Tree removal is essential when the tree has already died. Other reasons are that trees are not that healthy anymore and also, they could be in the way of a backyard renovation project. The biggest reason amongst those mentioned is the death of a tree. The quick cutting and removal of the tree is very important because if not acted upon swiftly, it can cause danger to people and property.

gardenOnce a tree dies, it will definitely fall off piece by piece in an uncontrolled manner. This means the trees’ branches may just fall off just as someone is walking underneath it, which may cause harm to that person. But, tree removal is also done for aesthetic purposes. A backyard renovation may require the removal of a tree that you yourself can do, if the tree is just a small one. For bigger trees, it is better to call for help from a contractor. Tree removal Sydney services are equipped with the right skills and tools to take down any size of tree in your backyard.

Taking down a very tall and dense tree that is standing next to another tree offers the most difficult scenario of all. Tree removal of tall trees certainly has to start at the very top. In this way, the tree will be cut slowly from top to bottom. It should never be an option to cut a tree of any size in one single piece. This would end up in a huge disaster to humans and property alike. This means that the whole operation will start with tree pruning the top.

The tree cutter should also decide on which side would he like the tree pieces to drop on. The removal of trees can be done by the owner himself so that he can save on professional fees. However, if he wishes to do it himself, he has to make sure about the safety necessities he has to take. On that note, a homeowner should limit himself to removing small trees because bigger trees are much more difficult and dangerous to take down. The risks are actually real because even professionals get hurt during these operations. That is why the best thing to do is to have the tree removed by someone who has experience and who knows what he is doing.

For a more safety measure, cutting or removing trees regardless of tree size, it’s more appropriate to hand the job with the skilled ones.

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Best Bali Villas: Where to Stay in Indonesia For the Holidays

If you are looking for a place to visit, a one of a kind experience for the holidays or simply a place to spend your honeymoon, Indonesia is certainly one of the best getaways all over the world. It is a perfect and wonderful destination for the whole family and it is also even one of the most amazing places to go to for a honeymoon trip. Finding accommodations is not even a daunting task because you can easily find best Bali villas in the area and be in the place where you can truly relax and enjoy every single moment of your holiday.

A honeymoon trip in Indonesia is certainly one that every married couple must have. Aside from being able to tour and explore Bali’s natural beauty there are a lot of activities you can do as a couple and make your stay a memorable one. You can stay in one of the stunning luxury Bali villas for rent or be in the most romantic and intimate villa that is just perfect for your honeymoon getaway. Experience your dream holiday with your spouse and enjoy every single moment as if you were on the most romantic and memorable date during your whole trip, having dinner in the most romantic setting, going together for private massages on the beach, horse rides, or any intimate and romantic date you can imagine.

Staying in one of the best Bali villas can really top off your trip because you can find a place to stay that will absolutely suit your taste as well as your desires and ahr235needs. You can explore the place and experience wonderful and exciting adventures whether you go there with your whole family or as a couple. You will never waste a single moment when you book a trip to the country because you can certainly find an activity that will match your personality or just find something interesting, entertaining and pleasurable for you.

Bali villas offer more than just accommodations because these are places you will surely love. Touring and doing fun activities around the country will only be a part of your holiday trip because the villas themselves already provide you the luxury, comfort, and fun you can ever think of. From villas with pools that are child-friendly and perfect for the whole family, to those that have spas for total relaxation or a private setting for the romantics, will definitely find best Bali villas that are ideal for rebooting and retreat.

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Enjoy Best Indonesian Cultural Performance

This reasonable gives a platform to kite darlings to show their abilities and presentation the different kites which with their shapes and colors have arrived at aesthetic extents. flights to Jakarta to join this celebration. The present Indonesian culture and society have a lot to offer. Different nations and also other Indonesian urban communities significantly take part in this celebration. The current year’s member nations incorporate; Malaysia, China, Japan, and Netherlands. Jakarta is the venue where convention of kite flying is praised with its full wonderfulness.indonesian_culture

It has been known as the essential focus for exchanging commercial center on the nation. Reasonable yet unbranded amazing items are bought here. By the by, you have to hold close to your phones, packs alongside other private items since pickpockets are meandering around the packed business. Pasar Baru, or New Marketplace, doesn’t mean its recently introduced yesterday.

Second best air transport offering modest flights to Jakarta is Malaysia carrier Discover the very embodiment of our existence.malaysia aerial shuttle offers First Class 40kg, Golden Club Class 30kg, Economy Class 20kg things remittance. You have admittance to a suite of online devices to make it simpler to deal with your travel costs. Appreciate noteworthy reserve funds when you go as an organization with the Malaysia Airlines Corporate Nett Fares Program. As the executive of your Business Rewards account, you have complete control over who procures the profits of the customized.

Economy Class clients can weigh in 30 kg, Business Class explorers 40 kg and on the off chance that you are flying First Class you can go with 50 kg of checked things. Emirates is best of for Jakarta flights from UK, Business Rewards makes it simpler to deal with your travel prerequisites on the web. These weights don’t matter to schedules including USA, Canada and Brazil.

The Big Durian, as what most people are partial to calling it, is extremely strict with respect to smoking around its premises. At Jakarta Arts Theater, that is the place by the nation’s best exhibitions are held like shows, services and other discriminating occasions. The neo-traditional structure was restored and protected to serve as one of the milestones of Jakarta. So smokers out there, be careful and remember “Boleh merokok?” first and foremost, preceding lighting your cigarettes. This smoggy town is cooperating with eminent wonderful fascination like Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. It is an area in which the assorted societies of Indonesians are illustrated through vivid delineations and wonderfully created adornments.

No big surprise this spot is overwhelmed by vacationers from all over the world. Jakarta has different attractions to visit like historical centers, zoos, harbors, mosques and purchasing shopping centers. Besides, now is the best possible time to look at this country and find Indonesia’s worshipped terminus.

This smoggy town is cooperating with staggering grand fascination like Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. The Big Durian, as what a great many people are enamored with calling it, is truly strict in the matter of smoking around its premises. So smokers accessible, be careful and retain “Boleh merokok?” to begin with, before lighting your cigarettes. It can be a spot where the assorted societies of Indonesians are illustrated through vivid delineations and perfectly made adornments. The neo-traditional structure was restored and safeguarded to serve as one specific with the points of interest of Jakarta. At Jakarta Arts Theater, this is wherever the nation’s optimal exhibitions are held like shows, services and other pivotal occasions.

Flights to jakarta Guide is an online aide offering you a phenomenal decision of shabby flights to jakarta administrations from uk or worldwide for the best offers come to us at site Cheap Direct & Indirect shoddy flights to jakarta Indonesia.

Pasar Baru, or New Market, does not mean it is recently initiated yesterday. Ease yet unbranded superb items are bought right here. It has been recognized as the essential habitat for exchanging commercial center of the nation. Indeed thus, you ought to hold close your Pdas, sacks alongside other individual things since pickpockets are wandering around the packed business sector.

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Adventure Travel in Indonesia During Your Holiday Season

Indonesia is lovely nation in South East Asia. You can go to there by pass Singapore or Australia. There are such a variety of wonderful places there and you can simple go to all spots. When you travel to Indonesia the Komodo Island and Rinca Island are one of the must visit destination that have beautiful views and unforgetable experience You don’t have to stress when you have a plan to visit there. You’ll get paradise in the planet there. On the off chance that you are hunting down the best place to make your brain unwind, you have the capacity visit Indonesia. There are such a variety of tourism places in Indonesia that you can visit. You can decide to have characteristic voyaging, for example, visit hole, or shorelines. There are such a variety of great shorelines that you can visit there. You can visit Bali. You need to know Bali. Bali is brilliant island in Indonesia. There are a great deal of outside voyagers that decide to visit Bali in their vacation in light of the fact that Bali turns into the best grand island in this world. You can get voyaging furthermore figure out how the Balinese society. They are agreeable and they will truly admire all vacationers that visit their island.komodo_island

On the off chance that you ever need to go to Bali, its an extraordinary thought to go to Komodo Island. This is really the piece of Komodo National Park. Right here, you have the capacity see Komodo mythical serpent, the most selective creature in the earth. Besides, it offers you with the various great jumping ends of the line.

This Island is placed simply a few degrees from equator. This is really the area where Komodo winged serpent lives. The island is dry, rough, and secured in scour alongside palms, nonetheless it can offer you with numerous remarkable scenes.

Komodo winged serpent is the greatest sorts of reptile which just could be found in Indonesia. They find themselves able to grow up to three meters in length and more than 95kg weight. Despite the fact that its enormous, they are spry to climb and swim. It’s one of the world’s most different creatures and this is the key motivation behind why numerous individuals go to this Island.

There are heaps of determinations of marine life inside the district. Both south and north are profound oceans that bring tiny fish and various supplements that bolstered the entire marine animal.

Komodo Island is clear and rich of tiny fish that offers sustenance for the various marine species life and draws in dolphins and whales. It’s a magnificent snorkeling and scuba swooping essentially in light of the fact that the coral reefs are in incredible condition. Pantai Merah (Red Beach) is truly a decently preferred and phenomenal snorkeling district.

A visit to the Ministry of Forestry’s food station may acquire you the opportunity to cooperate with the orangutans specifically. Convenience and transportation are best organized heretofore as flights can change as the year progressed. An alternate prevalent ecotourism objective is Komodo National Park which incorporates the Komodo islands, Rinca island, and Padar and a few more modest islands are vital to visit while you travel to indonesia. A visit to this zone can be consolidated with a swoop excursion as the waters in the store are home to an expected 900-1,000 marine species. The Komodo Dragons themselves, monster screen reptiles, are generally simple to spot, yet you’re ensured to discover them securely with the assistance of an aide. Convenience in the National Park is provincial, however the staff is well disposed and the nourishment is good. Prior the shorelines of Bali may not be simple for some, however the fortunes of the other Indonesian islands are not to be missed.

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Exploring the Beauty and Splendor in Indonesian Beaches

Indonesia is inarguably a beach paradise considering the numerous white sandy beaches which line its coast. However, not all beaches offer the same level of pleasure and fun as they differ in quality, beauty and consequently popularity among visitors. Here is a look at the five best beaches in Indonesia:

kanawa_beach1. Kanawa Beach in Flores

Located in the Komodo National Park in Flores, Kanawa Beach not only offers a great platform to swim in the clear and warm water but to also explore the aquatic life and other surrounding sceneries. From the beach shore, tourists can easily catch glimpses of aquatic animals like sea turtles and lion fish among others. Snorkeling services are also offered for people looking to get a deeper view and feel of the marine life and coral reefs located deeper. Kanawa Beach is also very popular with couples as it offers the ideal environment for romance in a secluded area on the other side of the small island, away from the public.

2. Nihiwatu Beach in Sumba

Nihiwatu beach is rated among the best in the world thanks to its beauty and splendor. It is strategically located a short distance from Bali in the remote regions of Sumba, making it an ideal getaway spot. Furthermore, the coastline is quite vast and is lined with soft white sand which makes it appealing for playing or simply basking. The waves also offer a thrilling surfing experience for both professional and amateur surfers.

3. Derawan Beach in East Kalimantan

This beach is especially popular for its crystal clear water which makes it easy for visitors to explore the aquatic life from above. To this end, most visitors who visit this beach enjoy watching the numerous green turtles and Manta Rays which are always roaming the beach.

4. Jimbaran Beach in Bali

The beauty of Jimbaran beach lies primarily in the rugged cliffs which line its entire coastline. These cliffs tower majestically above the beach below, giving the environment a green and rich look thanks to the natural vegetation which grows on most of the rocks. In addition to this, they also offer the perfect spot where visitors can watch the sunset in the evenings.

5. Peucang Beach in Banten

This beach boasts of snow-white sand, crystal clear water and a breathtaking surrounding environment characterized by green vegetation. It is located in the Ujung Kulon, an area designated for the conservation of the Java Rhino, an endangered rhino species. However, visitors are not restricted access as anyone can visit the beach for a swim or even other activities like snorkeling and jet skiing.


The beauty and splendor in these beaches makes them some of the best in the world, offering the ideal vacationing experience for numerous visitors from around the globe. As such, make sure to visit any of these beaches to not only make your travel to Indonesia complete but also unforgettable.

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You’d Want to Retire in Bali

The island paradise of Bali is a haven for tourists and for those who want to retire in a warm climate. The food is fresh and cheap, and there are a lot of foreigners. As a tourist destination, Bali has always been on the top of the list of favored destinations and this is why there are so many villas for sale in Bali.

bali2It is no secret that those who have been to Bali, they keep coming back. In fact, if you’ve ever been to Bali, you most probably have been planning to come back as soon as you left. Due to its popularity, and the large number of foreign visitors, there is a property boom in Bali. It has been going on for years, and there seems to be no end in sight. If you want to buy any of the land for sale Bali, this may be the best time to do so. This may be counter-intuitive thinking. However, as an investment, this makes a lot of sense.

The current property boom is feeding on itself. Indonesia is progressing, and that there are more affluent locals who have taken the lead in buying villas for sale in Bali. This does not mean that foreigners would soon no longer afford to go to Bali. In fact, it is now possible to invest in property for sale in Bali. Getting into the action early is the key.

When you look for villas for sale in Seminyak, a town in Bali, you would be buying into a cosmopolitan area, with a lot of foreigners. These people are there not only to have a good time, but also to take advantage of the affordable vacation. Having your own place to stay is a great advantage, as it affords you an even cheaper way to visit Bali. Additionally, with locals and foreigners investing in the Bali properties, the value appreciation is almost immediate. The moment that you buy, you realize that it has already appreciated in value. On top of that, considering the price of the properties for sale in Bali, these are still cheap when compared to properties in other countries.

It is not often that a vacation can also be an investment. In this case, when you invest in villas for sale in Bali, you are not only investing in the future of Bali, but also taking steps to a cheaper vacation. This is not an illogical conclusion. On the contrary, you can calculate how much you are saving every time you have a vacation in Bali.

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Places To Go While You Travel To Indonesia

When planning for a holiday vacation, travelling to Indonesia will be an ideal destination. You can travel to Indonesia at any season all year round to enjoy a wonderful trip that you will never forget. One of the places to go is Bali; this is an excellent surfing spot. The Kuta beach and Bukit Peninsula are some of the areas in Bali with the best waves for surfing. This is especially if you are planning for a surf trip. The waves here cater for any surf level; big waves for advanced surfers and soft waves for beginners. There are surf schools for those who want to know how to surf. Surfing is absolutely one of the one of things to do while in Indonesia. However, Bali is also an ideal place for luxurious resorts, romantic escapes, boutique shopping, nightlife, Hindu culture and temples, healing spas, massage & holistic health centers and volcanic villages.bali_indonesia

Sumatra is sixth largest island in the world and the largest in Indonesia. Apart from surfing, this island has good rain forests for adventurous travelers. It is also a habitat for endangered species such as the wild orangutans. The top reasons to visit is place are adventure travel, lounging and swimming in Lake Toba, climbing active volcanoes, indigenous culture and trekking inside Gunung Leuser National Park.

Lombok is also a hotspot for tourists with three beautiful Gili Islands. When you go to Lombok, you will experience cheap scuba diving, paradise islands, large party scenes on Gili Trawangan, surfing and many more. Other two islands are Gili Air with a lot of beauty will less seclusion. Gili Meno is the smallest; it is a quiet island for couples and families. Hiking Rinjani, which is the second highest volcano in Indonesia (3726), will be such an ideal thing to do.

Java is one of places to go, famous for coffee as the name suggests. It is the most populous island in the world. While in Java, you will enjoy Yogyarkta a cultural city, Mount Bromo and other famous volcanoes, modern Indonesian life and sprawling metropolis of Jakarta. A travel to Indonesia is not complete visiting East Nusa Tenggara for rugged adventure travel, Komodo dragons, untouched volcano trekking, undeveloped beaches, crossing to East Timor and seeing the Kelimutu a colored volcano lake. Sulawesi is also a nice place to experience local culture such as funeral rites and ritual animal slaughters and watch excellent scuba diving.

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A Glimpse of its history

indo3Indonesia is a country rich in history and culture. This nation that lies in Southeast Asia and Oceania has a colorful history that tells about its exciting discovery, periods of oppression and great moments of liberation. The “Java Man” were the first known inhabitants of Indonesia and believed to have lived in the area for over half a million year. Indonesians are of Malay origin much like their neighbors from the Philippines and Malaysia. It is known that the very early Indonesians believe that everything has a soul or life force. They are known to be animists. Moreover, early Indonesians honor the dead spirit and believe that these spirits have the ability to influence the living and occurring natural events.

Early trade activities with neighboring countries like China and India rendered important influence to the country’s culture and religion. The 7th century saw the rise of the Srivijaya naval kingdom that was truly a result of the Buddhist and Hindu Influence in the area. During the succeeding centuries, Indonesia also saw other Hindu and Buddhist dynasties, which thrived and died down leaving important religious monuments including Borobudur and Prambanan.

It was during the 13th century when the earliest signs of Islamization were evident in Indonesia specifically in the area of Sumatra. Later on, other parts of the country slowly adopted or converted to Islam. By the end of the 16th century, Islam became the dominant religion in important areas like Java and Sumatra. The faith steadily spread all throughout the archipelago. Today, Indonesia is considered as the world’s largest Islamic nation.

Indonesia boasts abundance of spices and in 1512, contact between the Indonesians and the Europeans became regular with the entry of Portuguese traders who wanted to monopolize these important commodities. Spices like nutmeg and cloves are some of these highly sought after products, which also enticed the Dutch and British to strengthen trade in the area. After years of trading, the Dutch colonized Indonesia. It was only in 1945 that the country declared independence from its colonizer with President Sukarno as the founding president. However, it was only in 1949 after mounting international pressure that the Dutch formally give Indonesia its independence. President Sukarno implemented an authoritarian government and maintained a good balance between the Communist Party of Indonesia or PKI and the military. In September 30, 1965, a violent eradication of the communist took place led by the military wherein about 500,000 were killed. After the bloody military campaign, Gen. Suharto was appointed president over the politically weakened President Sukarno.

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